Power flushing is the method of cleaning out debris which can build up within the heating system. In some cases power flush will enable the system to work correctly again. However, there will be an underlying reason why the system has deteriorated and requires power flushing. The main cause is usually due to system being open vented. This simply means that the water is open to the atmosphere due to the little black water tank usually sited in the loft. We recommend that the tank is removed and an safer and more efficient expansion vessel with filling loop and pressure relief valve is fitted. This should only takes a few hours to fit depending on your system layout.

Please be aware that power flushing can lead to failure of thermostatic rad valves, automatic air vents, pumps and, in some cases, having to replace radiators and pipe work. Although these issues are not common, they cannot be predicted before work commences and if replacements / repairs are necessary they will be charged as additional costs to your power flush quote.

We also recommend that a Magnetic filter is fitted to the system. This will enable engineers to check the water quality on an annual basis and also prevents the boiler / heating system from developing future blockages.

We guarantee our power flush for 2 years with a certificate upon completion.

Our engineers are fully trained and have undergone Kamco power flush course.